Water Filters – Common Types And The Importance Of Having One Installed


If you are wondering whether you should purchase and install a quality water filter in your home, remember that you are not alone. There are a lot of people who are not well informed about the benefits of having a water filter. Also, they also do not understand what risks can arise from not having a water filter.

Simply put, this device can vastly improve the taste and quality of the water you consume, and with that, improve the overall health of your family members and yourself. On the first glance, purchasing a water filter may seem like a somewhat unnecessarily expensive investment. However, the advantages it offers pay for its cost many times over.

Separate or Whole-House filters

22leoi8yr8It is very well known that everyone can greatly benefit from a water filter. The optimal set up includes having a quality filter, like the ones found at easywatersolutions.com.au, that will purify drinking water and water that is mainly used for laundry tasks and showering. This can be achieved with the use of some separate water filters, or one, whole-house filter. If you intend to purchase some separate filters, your first task should be to decide on which filters you should use to purify drinking water.

Commonly used types

These days, the most commonly used filters for drinking water include under-sink filters, refrigerator water filters, and countertop water filters. Undersink filters work by purifying the water before it is released from the faucet. A refrigerator filter is attached to the interior side of the refrigerator door, and it dispenses cold and clean drinking water. Lastly, a countertop water filter is a more practical and attractive alternative, but also a more expensive one. The main point is that all of these 3 can effectively eliminate chlorine, VOCs, and pretty much all other kinds of impurities from drinking water.

Shower filters

Aside from purchasing a drinking water filter, you should also consider investing in a shower water filter, as well. That kind of filter will effectively eliminate chlorine and a plethora of other impurities that are known to cause skin irritation and hair thinning, after repeated and prolonged exposure to shower water.

Whole-house filters

Now, if you are looking for a single water filtering solution for your entire home, apartment or office, your choice should be a whole-house water filter. This type of filter is attached to the main water source, to purify the water and provide it from the shower, sink, and washing machine. In general, a whole-house water filter functions on the same principles as smaller filters, and it eliminates the same impurities, including lime, VOCs, lead, and chlorine.

The main component

33hfkhehguoThe main filtering component of all types of water filters is carbon. As a result of its porous nature, carbon is highly capable of filtering out both small and large impurities and particles. It also does not affect the minerals that are found in tap water and which are beneficial to our bodies.

When it comes to installing water filters, a whole-house filter installation requires much more time and is usually a more costly investment. However, it also usually evens out as the time goes by. As it can last between 30.000 and 70.000 gallons of water. But, in the end, when it comes to choosing which types of filters to buy and install, it should all boil down to your requirements, the number of family members, and needs.

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