Why you need a mentor as a young entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. This is a lonely journey, and there are chances that you are likely to get discouraged in the process. Behind every successful entrepreneur, there is a mentor who is responsible for their success. The work of an entrepreneur is to keep you in check and make sure that you do everything right.  An entrepreneur will also keep you motivated in times that you are discouraged. This is a good way to make sure that you achieve your goals and dreams as an entrepreneur.

Importance of a Mentor

Learn from experiences

To get the best from your business mentor, it is advisable to work alongside them for some period. At this time, you will get the opportunity to learn directly from their experiences and challenges. This is the first-hand experience, and you can never get it from books or any other source. The experience acquired from mentorship will teach you how to handle your own business once you get into it. This will save you losses incurred from learning the hard way.


Networking opportunities

Networks are very important in every business. For you to succeed in business, you must know several people who have been in the business longer than you. It is these people that will help you with advice or their services when you need. If you are starting as a fresh entrepreneur, it might be very difficult to get connected with the right people. With the right mentor, it becomes very easy to meet and connect with another entrepreneur.

Encouragement and motivation

When you are starting out in business, it is never easy. There are a lot of challenges that you are likely to face due to lack of experience and skills. When the challenges become many, many entrepreneurs quit the business and venture into something else. At this time you need someone to encourage you and motivate you when things become hard.



In case you are stuck and need to make a decision, a mentor will help you in making that decision. Mentors are good in making a wise decision due to skills and experience in the business. This is a good way to avoid making poor business decisions that might land you into trouble.

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