Many Benefits of Liquid Chalk Markers

Modern chalk markers continue to replace the traditional chalk sticks. This old generation had a lot of health issues due to its dust. In any case, it dominated the class, conference, lecture, and training rooms. New studies and developments gifted new generation with high-quality markers that offer lots of benefits to the users.

Elimination of dustChalk Marker 07

Dust was the main disadvantage of traditional sticks. The high levels of dust have been associated with their use. The fine dust can remain airborne for an extended period. It poses a real danger to the human health and lifespan of electrical gadgets. The presence of dust has the potential of exacerbating or triggering respiratory diseases and problems such as allergies, tuberculosis, and asthma. The process of cleaning the dust is quite difficult not to mention smearing, which it does on user’s hands and clothing.


Traditional chalk sticks had various weaknesses such as breaking with a slight application of pressure. The liquid markers do not have such experiences. You can store them anywhere without causing havoc to the environments. They are designed to provide ergonomics that offers the best handling. This enables smooth and easy writing, without any strain on the wrist.


These markers can write on any given surface as long as is non-porous. They have the advantage of writing on slippery surfaces. This adds flexibility in the type of the boards you can employ.

Chalk Marker 08Spice up decorations

Markers are very vibrant and can help you spice up decorations. You can use them on the mason jars, ceramic jars, and DIY projects. You can leave some personal notes on the calendar and mirror. You can use kids engaged for many hours. They have the best ink that is easy to erase. You can, therefore, give them to the kids without worrying of damage they can cause to your property. They can draw on signs, books, toys, whiteboard, and many other surfaces. The fact that they are eco-friendly, odor free, and non-toxic makes them the best on the market.
Markers provide ways to unleash the artist talent in them. They can engage in creative drawing and with the washable dry erase these markers work well with watercolors, acrylic paints, charcoal, graffiti, and many more. You are required to use non-porous chalkboard. Also, a canvas is a great surface you can write on. If it is a new surface, you can test it by writing on a small surface first. You can then erase using a wet cloth. Use of chalk markers is advantageous than traditional chalk sticks.

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