Different dog care tips

Dogs are very loyal, friendly and they are always unconditional love not to mention their quality friendship. However, the dog expects you to be the sole caregiver. As a caregiver, your solely responsible for its food, regular checkups with the vet, exercise, safety, shelter, and companionship. The barkbox super chewer review 2017 will give you great information that you need. Below is a breakdown of tips on how to take care of a dog.

Categorize your dog

Have external identification of your dog; Make sure that your dog has an id tag and a collar that includes your telephone number, name and address of your home. Irrespective of how careful you are your dog will probably get lost one of these beautiful days. Notably, the collar should not be too tight as it may harm the dog and also it should be too drop as it may also cause damage to the dog. The id and collar is a safe way of getting the dog home in case the dog gets lost.

take care of your dog

Further to the collar and id identification the dog can also have a microchip identification. The microchip can be inserted by your vet during one of your visits as it will guarantee to get the animal back once it gets lost and if the collar happened to come off. If and when the microchip is scanned it will show all your vital information in this case address, phone number, and name.

Always be on the lookout on matters regarding dog licensing and rabies vaccination

Still be on the lookout for legal requirements in your area on owning the dog. The information can easily be accessed from your animal shelter or humane society. At either of the places, you will also find information about the rabies vaccination.

Keep the dog unleash when you are not around

Keeping the dog tied up is an advantage to both you and the community at large. Just because your dog has been vaccinated against rabies and has a collar is not a reason to let it run around. Always ensure that the dog is under control at all times.

Be your friend’s dog

A large compound is better as it will provide space for the dog to play. However this is not an excuse for the dog to be left on its outside, dogs love people and thrive in companionship and forming bonds thus befriend the dog.

Neuter or spay your dog

spray your dog

Dogs that have the surgery tend to live longer, have better behavior, behavior such as biting or running away and are healthy in general. You will also be reducing the overpopulation of dogs in your region.

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