Become A Doctor

docThe journey to becoming a doctor is difficult and long.

Even as medical colleges are increasing enrollments to counteract shortage of doctors, the choice to become a medic isn’t for everyone. It entails a special-kind of dedication and an extraordinary or unusual amount of discipline and hard work.

The first step that happens to be important on this career path is for you to have a clear understanding of the entire process & to decide if it’s indeed a career path you’re willing to take.

#Becoming a doctor- A tough decision

Perseverance, Time, family, Expense, weigh the fundamentals that go into your-decision-to become a doctor. If you’re struggling with whether/not medicine is the right career for you, the very first thing to embark is take a comprehensive and realistic approach at what it takes and what the profession of becoming a medic is actually like. Some of the factors to be considered include-

#Do you have have the required personality or traits to be a medic? 

#Do you have the perseverance and dedication to complete the medical training?

#Do you have the capacity to score good grades?

#Are you an excellent test taker?

#And finally, do you’ve a strong-desire to help people?

Do you have what it takes?

Becoming a medic takes time, Usually 4 years of undergraduate learning, 4 years of medical training school, then 3 to 6 years of medical residency -(depending on your area of specialty). That is an average of 12 years from beginning medical school to practicing medicine. Whilst starting in your 30’s or 40’s is somewhat possible, waiting until you’re 50 years or older is perhaps unreasonable. It requires a certain level of intelligence, although good study habits and organization can create the difference between a-mediocre-student getting through medical college & a brilliant student not_getting in at all.

According to Dr. Carl Bianco, there are 3 cornerstone of a successful-career in medicine:

#A love for learning

#A true intellectual curiosity regarding medicine in particular

#A strong desire to assist othersdoc2

Medicine is a profession filled with options. In what other profession can you decide between handling emergencies, delivering babies, taking care of people or children, or talking to someone-who-needs psychiatric assistant? Better yet_you can teach other people your medical specialty, whilst still practicing your career. Alternatively, you can engage in research in whatever area of your specialty you are in, with the ability to make a real-breakthrough in treating or preventing illness.

Last but not least all of this comes-at-a price. The discipline, the many years it takes to prepare, the awesome responsibility, the-worry-about malpractice & the long hours_can take their toll hence medicine is a unique-field & it requires a unique person.

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